Discover the best ways to handle your acne breakouts.

Maybe you assumed that once your teen years were over that your skin would become magically acne-free. Chances are, this isn’t the case at all. If you are still battling acne breakouts that cause you to feel embarrassed about your appearance then it’s time to turn to our Edmond, OK, dermatologist, Dr. David Graham, to discuss your treatment options.

There are some mistakes that people with acne tend to make, which is why they don’t see the results that they want. If you are guilty of any of these mistakes then it’s time to change your habits and see if these changes alone are enough to reduce or even eliminate your acne symptoms:

We know that battling acne can be a challenge, but we are here to help. When you come in for a consultation we can also talk to you about your options. Common acne treatments include:

Silver Leaf Dermatology in Edmond, OK, is ready to give you healthy, clearer skin. If you are sick and tired of dealing with acne then let’s talk about the different treatments we can offer you. Call our office today!

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